The "Leonarda Vaccari" Institute
for the rehabilitation and integration of disabled people
Golden Medal of the School of culture and of arts D.P.R 02/06/1954
Golden Medal for the value of the public Healt D.P.R 8/12/2007
Quality Management System: ISO 9001:2008 - IMQ/CSQ - N°. 9122.LVAC

About Us
The Vaccari Institute is a non profit making organization. The Institute’s authority operates under the Italian Health Law and provides care under the National Health Service. Legal representation is carried out by Prof. Saveria Dandini de Sylva, president of the Institute. The same Institute is administered by an executive Council established under a decree of the Ministery of Education and composed of 13 members, representatives of the interested ministries and the ordinary members. (Health management is entrusted to the Health Director. Administration is entrusted to the Treasurer nominated by the executive Council. Special projects are supported by private institutions, foundations, sponsors and found raising).

On December 8th 2007, President Giorgio Napolitano signed a decree on awarding the ribbon of the Gold Medal of merit for Public Health Service to the “Leonarda Vaccari” Institute. On the same year, the Centre was included in the 2° Rapporto Eurispes among the 100 Centri di Eccellenza Italiani. The Vaccari Institute has received the “Qualità ISO 9001-2008 IMQ/CSQ 9211.LVA” authentication.

The Board
- President and CEO: Prof. Saveria Dandini de Sylva
- Health care Coordinator: Dr. Bruno Massara
- Representative Ministry of Interior
- Representative Ministry of Instruction, University and Research
- Representative Ministry of Health
- Representative Regional Scholastic Office
- Representative Region of Lazio
- Representative National Agency for Social Security
- Rome’s Representative
- Commendable partners


The Institution, established 75 years ago, is nowadays one of the most experienced centres in Italy for the rehabilitation of people with severe mental and/or physical disabilities between the developmental stages of childhood and adulthood.
The “Leonarda Vaccari” Institute was founded in 1936 by Prof. Marchesa Leonarda Vaccari to help children affected with polio; today the Institute provides comprehensive services to hundreds of individuals. In accordance with the Institute’s 1936 Constitution, the treatment, which extends to various aspects of disability, can be synthesized in three procedures: medical care, education and integration into the labour market. Since then, the “Leonarda Vaccari” Institute has followed the right path expanding its own activities throughout comprehensive and individualised interventions, bringing a multidisciplinary analysis to every single case.